List of Mountains On The Moon

Hadley Delta Mountain On The Moon

While we often associate Earth’s mountains with grand tectonic clashes, lunar mountains tell a different story. The lunar mountains form so fast, in the blink of an eye, formed from the fiery impacts of asteroids and comets. The Moon’s southern …

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Atmosphere of The Moon

View of the Moon Up Close

While the Moon lacks the strong and life-sustaining atmosphere that characterizes Earth, it has some unique attributes that make it a subject of great scientific exploration and interest. The Moon is considered to be surrounded by a vacuum – a …

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Can Earth Survive Without The Moon?

Earth and The Moon

The moon has been a constant part of Earth for billions of years. It is so salient that without exaggeration, you could easily say that if there were no moon, there wouldn’t be life on Earth as we know it. …

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The Moon and Ocean Relationship – Explained

The Moon and The Ocean

It’s not uncommon to hear jokes about how the full moon causes people on Earth to act erratically or strangely. Throughout history, the moon has been accredited or blamed for the happenings on Earth. From fertility to the strange behaviors …

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Changing Colors of The Moon Explained

Moon With Different Colors

The Moon is a beautifully complex celestial object that lights our night sky. Recognizable at a glance, the Moon is a complete entity of itself, no matter how much of it we see each night. Sometimes, however, the details of …

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Why Is The Moon Crescent?

Crescent Moon

That eastern edge, with a beautiful C-shape, is what we love about the crescent. You will notice that each phase differs if you’ve been careful enough. The crescent happens between the new Moon and the full Moon. The full Moon …

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How Many People Have Walked on The Moon?

Astronaut On The Moon

For centuries, the idea of setting foot on the Moon’s silvery surface remained a dream – until the Apollo program appeared. Among exclusive groups, walking on anything aside from Earth is incredibly impressive! Up until now, only 12 people have walked …

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Does Mars Have a Moon?

Mars and it's Moons

Since the discovery of Mars in 1610, Mars has been a point of focus for scientific exploration. Yes, Mars harbors moons. The moons look like asteroids and are covered with craters made of iron and rock. But, unlike Earth, which …

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Can You See the Moon Every Night?

View of the Moon at night

When you look up from Earth, the moon gracefully moves through different sizes and shapes. But did you know that seeing the moon can be more challenging than it may seem? Many things influence whether we can spot our familiar …

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When Does a Full Moon Occur?

View of a Full Moon

A full moon is when we see the entire moon in the night sky. It is one of the phases and it appears about once a month (29.5 days), and the full moon will be seen for 2-3 days. The …

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