When Planets Were Discovered

Planets Of The Solar System

Our solar system consisted of 8 planets orbiting around the sun, and they were discovered at various points in history. Most of our planets are visible by the naked eye, so they were discovered quite early on, while others need …

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Why Is Mars Called The Red Planet?

The Red Planet Mars

That distinctive rusty red hue on Mars has given rise to several myths, misconceptions, and speculations. But what exactly gives Mars the crimson hue? Does it have any relation to the planet’s cold temperature? Also, why do some people even …

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Which Planets Have Moons?

Planets Of The Solar System With Moons

When you look up at the night sky you see the moon, the stars, and several large planets masking as stars. Moons are very common in our universe and many of the planets in our solar system have moons including …

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Can Plants Grow On Mars?

Terraforming Mars

Once everything is said and done, and all the researchers settle on whether it is viable for humans to live on Mars, the next big question will be figuring out how to sustain life. According to NASA experiments, it is confirmed that …

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Can We See Mars From Earth?

Mars and Earth Side By Side

Unlike other distant celestial objects, you should be able to spot Mars when you go outside and look up, depending on your lighting conditions and local weather. However, seeing Mars using a telescope is easier than seeing it using our …

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Can Earth Survive Without The Moon?

Earth and The Moon

The moon has been a constant part of Earth for billions of years. It is so salient that without exaggeration, you could easily say that if there were no moon, there wouldn’t be life on Earth as we know it. …

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Does Mars Have a Moon?

Mars and it's Moons

Since the discovery of Mars in 1610, Mars has been a point of focus for scientific exploration. Yes, Mars harbors moons. The moons look like asteroids and are covered with craters made of iron and rock. But, unlike Earth, which …

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How Many Rovers and Landers Are Currently On Mars?

Mars Rover

Three rovers are operating on Mars as of August 2023 – Curiosity, Perseverance, and Zhurong. In total, 8 rovers have been launched to Mars, with 7 successfully landing. The rovers that landed on Mars are Mars 3, Sojourner, Spirit, and Opportunity. …

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Is Jupiter a Failed Star?

Jupiter And Moons

Jupiter is often referred to as a “failed star” because it is made mostly of hydrogen and helium, which is similar to that of stars. However, Jupiter is not a failed star because its mass is not large enough to cause a …

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What Would Jupiter Look Like From Europa?

Jupiter on Europa

Of Jupiter’s 90+ moons, Europa is one of the leaders in the pack. It is the sixth closest moon to Jupiter. Europa, with the other largest moons – Lo, Ganymede, and Callisto – were the first moons to be discovered outside of …

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