Can Astronauts Go To Mars?

Astronaut On Mars

People have been obsessed with the Red Planet since ancient times, but the idea of sending people to Mars really took off in the late 1940s. While we’ve already sent robotic spacecraft and rovers (unmanned missions) to Mars, humanity still …

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Why Do Planets Have Moons?

Why Do Planets Have Moons (1)

Some people are curious about the moon. They may wonder how it got there or why we have moons. Alternatively, many people are so used to the moon in the sky that they ignore it—never asking questions about the rock …

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What Color Is Jupiter?

What Color is Jupiter

All planets vary in their color because of the material they are made of and the ability of their atmospheres and surfaces to absorb and reflect sunlight. While Mercury has a dark grey color due to its rocky and dusty …

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15 Interesting Facts About Uranus

Facts About Uranus

The seventh planet in the solar system from the Sun, Uranus, has the largest diameter after two other planets, Saturn and Jupiter, in the solar system and is known to exist 2.9 billion km away from the Sun. Discovered in …

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Why Won’t Pluto Collide With Neptune?

Why Won’t Pluto Collide with Neptune?

Astronomy is an interesting science, not just because it is quite literally, as they say, up above the world so high. It is also a branch of science that is mostly observational. You cannot always conduct experiments on Earth in …

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