How Many People Have Walked on The Moon?

Astronaut On The Moon

For centuries, the idea of setting foot on the Moon’s silvery surface remained a dream – until the Apollo program appeared. Among exclusive groups, walking on anything aside from Earth is incredibly impressive! Up until now, only 12 people have walked …

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How Do Astronauts Shower In Space?

Astronaut Taking Shower

With the astronaut’s working and daily routines aboard the International Space Station (ISS), some things seem quite different from what we know or experience on Earth. There are many things we think are the norm, and we often take them …

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What Do Astronauts Do For Fun In Space?

Astronauts playing instruments on the international space station

Being in space, away from friends, family, and Earthly activities, must get pretty boring, right? Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) are, on average, in space for six months or 182 days. The length of time spent aboard the …

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How Do Astronauts Wash Their Clothes?

Can Astronauts Wash Their Clothes In Space

Washing clothes is an everyday mundane task we do here on Earth. From soaking garments in water and slapping them against river rocks to simply tossing a load into the washer and leaving the machine to do the work, humans …

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Can Astronauts Cry In Space?

Can Astronauts Cry In Space?

Can astronauts cry in space? Do tears well in their eyes and trickle down their cheeks like it does on Earth? One question that’s asked often is how, if at all, do astronauts cry in space.      Have you …

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18 Fun Facts About Astronauts

Fun Facts About Astronauts

Life for an astronaut can be tough in outer space as even the most mundane tasks turn into challenges. Getting things done when your stuff dances weightlessly through the cosmos is certainly no ordinary thing. But, among all the chaos, …

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How Are Astronauts Protected From Radiation?

How Are Astronauts Protected From Radiation

On the Earth’s surface, the magnetic field protects us from the devastating effects of solar radiation produced by the sun. In space, astronauts don’t have the luxury of this invisible barrier. Radiation exposure is a serious concern for space travelers.  …

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How Do Astronauts Exercise in Space?

Astronaut Exercising On The COLBERT

How much time do you spend working out each week? Most gym rats exercise for 60 to 90 minutes three or four times a week to stay in shape. Did you know an astronaut spends around 2.5 hours exercising every …

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What Tools Do Astronauts Use In Space?

Astronaut participating in extravehicular activity

Going into space is a challenging feat. Before the astronauts leave Earth, thousands of hours go into building the spacecraft and vehicles used to navigate the cosmos. Building these contraptions is only one part of the puzzle – they must …

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Do Astronauts Get Sick in Space? 

Can Astronaut Get Sick In Space

Space travel poses numerous challenges and mysteries, and one intriguing question revolves around the health of astronauts. Do astronauts experience sickness while journeying through the vastness of space? As astronauts venture beyond Earth, they encounter an environment vastly different from …

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