When Planets Were Discovered

Planets Of The Solar System

Our solar system consisted of 8 planets orbiting around the sun, and they were discovered at various points in history. Most of our planets are visible by the naked eye, so they were discovered quite early on, while others need …

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Why Is Mars Called The Red Planet?

The Red Planet Mars

That distinctive rusty red hue on Mars has given rise to several myths, misconceptions, and speculations. But what exactly gives Mars the crimson hue? Does it have any relation to the planet’s cold temperature? Also, why do some people even …

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Which Planets Have Moons?

Planets Of The Solar System With Moons

When you look up at the night sky you see the moon, the stars, and several large planets masking as stars. Moons are very common in our universe and many of the planets in our solar system have moons including …

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Magnetic Field of The Moon

Moon Magnetic Field

The only natural satellite, the Moon, may have yet to have a strong magnetic field, as believed since geological samples were first returned to Earth. Formed around 4.5 billion years ago, the Moon sent a chunk of Earth into orbit …

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List of Maria On The Moon

Maria On The Moon

While we often think of the Moon as having rugged mountains, deep craters, and vast plains, Lunar Maria is one of its most intriguing characteristics. These large, dark, and relatively flat areas on the surface of the Moon have been …

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Volcanism On The Moon

Moon Volcanism

The Moon has a volcanic legacy that spans billions of years – approximately 4.2 billion years ago. Between 3.8 and 3 billion years ago, the Moon experienced intense volcanic activity, which gave rise to expansive plains of solidified lava. Unlike the towering …

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List of Valleys On The Moon

View of Valleys On The Moon

While the Moon’s barren and wild appearance may deceive a casual observer, its surface has intriguing geological features. One interesting feature on the Moon’s surface is the valleys. These valleys, also known as sinuous rillies or rillies, are often named …

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List of Mountains On The Moon

Hadley Delta Mountain On The Moon

While we often associate Earth’s mountains with grand tectonic clashes, lunar mountains tell a different story. The lunar mountains form so fast, in the blink of an eye, formed from the fiery impacts of asteroids and comets. The Moon’s southern …

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Atmosphere of The Moon

View of the Moon Up Close

While the Moon lacks the strong and life-sustaining atmosphere that characterizes Earth, it has some unique attributes that make it a subject of great scientific exploration and interest. The Moon is considered to be surrounded by a vacuum – a …

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Can Plants Grow On Mars?

Terraforming Mars

Once everything is said and done, and all the researchers settle on whether it is viable for humans to live on Mars, the next big question will be figuring out how to sustain life. According to NASA experiments, it is confirmed that …

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