What Color Is Jupiter?

What Color is Jupiter

All planets vary in their color because of the material they are made of and the ability of their atmospheres and surfaces to absorb and reflect sunlight. While Mercury has a dark grey color due to its rocky and dusty …

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Cosmonaut vs Astronaut: What’s The Difference?

Cosmonaut vs Astronaut What is the Difference?

The space race is the name given to that specific phase of the Cold War when the Soviet Union and the United States of America engaged in a battle within the domains of space science, technology, and innovation. In a …

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15 Interesting Facts About Uranus

Facts About Uranus

The seventh planet in the solar system from the Sun, Uranus, has the largest diameter after two other planets, Saturn and Jupiter, in the solar system and is known to exist 2.9 billion km away from the Sun. Discovered in …

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What Countries Have Been To The Moon?

How Many Countries Been To The Moon?

The world is becoming more and more advanced with technology, from cars to mobile phones in recent times. One field that still requires a lot of advancement is outer space since exploring or reaching the Moon, and other planets have …

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How Many Moons Does Each Planet Have?

How many moons does each planet have?

Our solar system consists of many celestial bodies, including spherical planets and a large number of natural satellites. Natural satellites, also known as moons, come in many sizes, shapes, and types. They are a lot more than rock balls circling …

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How Long Does It Take To Get to the Moon?

How Long Does It Take To Get To The Moon?

In many ways, traveling from the Earth to the moon is quite similar to going from any point A to point B on planet Earth. There are different routes one can take that determine the time it takes to get …

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Types of Stars

Type of Stars

We can see stars in the sky on any clear night as twinkling little dots. By definition, they are an astronomical object that are essentially balls of gas that are typically made of helium and hydrogen. They are kept together …

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What Color Is The Moon?

The Color of The Moon

Over the ages, a lot of people asked the same question – exactly what color is the moon? It is a very interesting topic to discuss since the color of the moon isn’t constant in human eyes. The color might …

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