How Many Flags Are on the Moon? 

Flag On Moon

Making it to the moon for the first time was an incredible moment in history. During the Apollo 11 mission, the USA also placed the first flag on the moon. Countries other than the USA have sent missions to the …

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Can The Moon Be Terraformed?

Moon Base Terraform

Terraforming the Moon goes beyond colonizing the Moon (which we’re planning to do) but it’s about changing the entire Moon to be a duplicate of Earth. It’s about creating an atmosphere, adding water, growing habitats, and developing an environment that is able …

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How Big Is The Moon?

The Moon In Full Size

The Moon is Earth’s only natural satellite. We have been studying the Moon longer than we have on record. Scientists continue to have unanswered questions about the Moon but one of the earliest questions was, “How big is the moon?” and …

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What’s The Temperature On The Moon?


It is quite common knowledge that the moon has a much different temperature than that of Earth! In elementary school, we learned that the moon is extremely cold and that is why we cannot live there. That is only partly true.  So, …

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Does The Moon Rotate?

The Moon Rotating Around Earth

As the brightest and biggest object in the night sky, it’s hard not to appreciate the Moon’s presence. Earth’s faithful companion has many intriguing features and even more questions surrounding it. The Moon is the subject of countless studies and …

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Why Do We See the Same Side of the Moon?

Earth and Moon

Did you know that we only see one side of the Moon? The far side of the Moon was only seen after pictures were taken by an orbiting satellite.  We only see the same side of the Moon because of …

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Can We Live On The Moon?

Moon Base with Earth In The Background

We have remarkable technological advancements that are making the unbelievable a reality and questions that seemed far-fetched are becoming less obscure. Questions like, “Can we live on the moon?” Right now, we cannot live on the Moon, but in the …

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What Planet Has The Most Moons and Why?

Saturn And Its Moons

The planets in our solar system are very diverse, from Earth’s habitable surface to the icy landscape of Neptune. One factor that contributes to their diversity is the moons that orbit them. Among the planets, there are some with no …

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How Big Is Pluto Compared To The Moon?

The Moon and Pluto Compared In Size

Pluto and the Moon are two vastly different cosmetic objects, but their aesthetic similarities are enough for the two to be compared constantly. One is a dwarf planet, most of the time, and the other is a natural satellite.  It …

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Is There Gold On The Moon?

Gold On The Moon

For many, the Moon is just a spectacle in the night sky, glimmering with the stars that shine around it. But there’s more to the Moon than what meets the eye, it’s a golden opportunity. For years a rumor has …

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