How Do Astronauts Get To The ISS?

How Astronauts Get To The International Space Station

On January 25, 1984, President Ronald Reagan directed NASA to begin constructing the International Space Station (ISS), saying in his State of the Union Address, “Just as the oceans opened up a new world for clipper ships and Yankee traders, …

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Do All Astronauts Go To Space?

Do All Astronauts Go To Space

The word ‘astronaut‘ is derived from two words in Ancient Greek: ástron, meaning “the stars,” and naútēs, meaning “sailor”. Therefore, the term astronaut quite literally means “star sailor”. But do all astronauts sail the stars? What do we call the astronauts that never make …

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Can Astronauts See The Sun While In Space?

Can Astronauts See The Sun In Space

In short, yes, astronauts can most definitely see the sun while in space! Whether they are orbiting around the Earth, taking a trip to the Moon, or going on an expedition to the International Space Station (ISS), the great big …

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