Updated Hardware Budget (Estimated)

I’ve had questions about what our budget and costs are and what the money raised from Kickstarter will be used for. Here’s the most recent budget estimate for hardware that we have to purchase.

Pumpkin, Inc. 3-Unit Skeletonized Cubesat Kit – $8,750

  • A complete CubeSat flight model kit, consisting of a skeletonized 3-Uniet Assembly, a Base Plate Assembly and Cover Plate Assembly.
  • A CubeSat Kit Development Board for in-lab development, debugging and testing.
  • A CubeSat Kit FM430 Flight Module for use in the CubeSat Kit Flight Model.
  • An external universal +5Vdc switching power supply 3.
  • An MSP430 Flash Emulation Tool and FM430 programming adapter.
  • A USB cable.
  • CubeSat Kit and Salvo RTOS software on CD-ROM 5.
  • A Remove-Before-Flight Pin and lanyard.
  • Miscellaneous fasteners / mounting hardware.
  • A printed User Manual and other documentation.

Attitude Determination Board (ADACS) – $1,000
Cost for ADACS is based on cost of either Honeywell HMR2300r or in-house fabricated board parts cost plus minimal cost of magnetoresistors.

Power control subsystem – $2,400
COTS subsystem from reputable supplier such as Clyde Space

Solar Arrays – $2,400
We will not use expensive high-efficiency, radiation-hardened arrays which would cost approximately $10,000 per 10 cm panel. Unless donated, of course, and then we would. Instead, we will use off-the-shelf commercial panels which we will space qualify in-house. The cost per panel will be about $200. We plan on having 12 panels.

Battery – $750

Communication system – N/A
We will fabricate the communication system in-house and will use the amateur radio spectrum and frequencies.

Computer/Processor – N/A
We are using Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Parallella sing-board computers which have been donated. The cost is negligible for integrating into the spacecraft.

Financing for solar arrays and Battery has already been secured through private donation

Total Hardware Cost: $15,300
Cost – Solar Array/Battery – $10,500