Happy New Year and a brief status update

Hello, Here’s a summary of where the project is at this point. Most importantly, I think, the cubesat chassis and ADACS is on reserve waiting for the go-ahead to package and ship it to us. The final configuration, particularly the interfaces, is dependent on the design of the sail and deployment assembly, so once that reaches maturity (targting the March/April timeframe) we will be able to settle on a cubesat configuration and take delivery of the hardware. On a separate track, work on the software for the Rasperry Pi computer is also ongoing. The focus of that is the communication between its O/S (Linux) and the cubesat’s own computer running Salvo. That’s how it will receive commands from the ground. In turn, some of those commands will be passed onto the peripherals (e.g. camera). Architecurally, the peripherals are being treated like “apps”, modular plug-ins to the Raspi using Arduino or similar controllers. The goal for the application side is to evolve a standard platform and architecture with standard interfaces that any number of “apps” can plug into. We’ll move from the bench to flight tests this summer (beginning low-altitude rockets and then a balloon flight from Florida later this year).

While all that’s progressing, I personally am working to send out all the rewards from the Kickstarter campaign. I should have ordered the photo plates ahead of time, as I’ve discovered those take longer than I anticipated. But I promise that’s in work too.

Finally, a new website is about to go live. The target was Jan. 1. It will be better suited for providing updates, downloading information/specifications/documents and is going to provide the foundation for the web-based “dashboard” for the project.

That’s a short status update for LunarSail. I’ll go ahead and post this online for others as well. Look for the new site and mobile app to be online between now and the end of the month.