Project Details

Updated Hardware Budget (Estimated)

I’ve had questions about what our budget and costs are and what the money raised from Kickstarter will be used for. Here’s the most recent budget estimate for hardware that we have to purchase. Pumpkin, Inc. 3-Unit Skeletonized Cubesat Kit – $8,750 A complete CubeSat flight model kit, consisting of a skeletonized 3-Uniet Assembly, a(…)

LunarSail Kickstarter reward levels… own a piece of the mission!

Here is the current list of reward levels on our Kickstarter campaign. Please visit our page and consider supporting this exciting and unique project LunarSail, using a cubesat and solar sail to orbit the Moon Pledge $1 or more – Proudly count yourself as a supporter of commercial space exploration. Pledge $5 or more –(…)

Project Milestones

There is a different milestones that we will need to achieve during the course of developing LunarSail and reaching ready-to-launch status. Because of the parallel development with regards to mission, software and spacecraft design, paths to milestones may overlap, following work tasks that, at completion, converge on the final development milestone: “ready for flight”. Of(…)

Hardware and Software Inventory

We have already made progress in obtaining some of the hardware and software that we’ll need during the project. This includes a number of surplus desktop computers (not too old), donated software and licenses and some components of the spacecraft. The items intended for the spacecraft will be utilized during prototype development and then, where(…)