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JPL Selects Europa CubeSat Proposals for Study

JPL Selects Europa CubeSat Proposals for Study

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, has chosen proposals from 10 universities to study CubeSat concepts that could enhance a Europa mission concept currently under study by NASA. The CubeSat concepts will be incorporated into a JPL study describing how small probes could be carried as auxiliary payloads. The CubeSats would then be released(…)

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

A major component of our plan involves the utilization of additive manufacturing, more commonly referred to as “3D printing”. 3D printing is presently a hot topic and gaining populatiry exponentially. The technology holds the tantalizing promise of allowing the user to create almost any object from raw material, and sometimes at less cost than purchasing(…)

NASA Readies First Orion Test Flight

NASA Readies First Orion Test Flight

NASA’s long-term plans to move beyond low Earth orbit are making steady, if slow, progress. The Orion spacecraft, in development for 9 years, is about to make its first test flight. Exploration Flight Test 1 (EFT-1) will test the spacecraft’s operation in orbit and during re-entry and recovery. The capsule will be launched on board(…)

Dye-Infused Metal Prints

One of our Kickstarter rewards is a photo of the space shuttle printed on a metal backing, suitable for framing, free-standing display, etc.  They are made from a process called dye infusion, so they are durable and will never fde or wear out. We ordered these from Magna Chrome, http://www.magnachrome.com. They do excellent work and(…)

NASA Seeks Lunar Cubesat Challenge

NASA CENTENNIAL CHALLENGES PROGRAM – SMALL SPACECRAFT CHALLENGES Solicitation Number: NNH14STMD002L; Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration; Office: Headquarters; Location: Office of Procurement (HQ) The Centennial Challenges Program is NASA’s flagship program for technology prize competitions (www.nasa.gov/challenges). The program is an integral part of NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate, which is innovating, developing, testing, and(…)

Happy New Year and a brief status update

Hello, Here’s a summary of where the project is at this point. Most importantly, I think, the cubesat chassis and ADACS is on reserve waiting for the go-ahead to package and ship it to us. The final configuration, particularly the interfaces, is dependent on the design of the sail and deployment assembly, so once that(…)

Crowdfunded Lunar Spacecraft Successfully Reaches Funding Milestone

Innovative solar sail spacecraft will demonstrate new technologies for low-cost exploration beyond Earth orbit while allowing students and the public to explore the Moon’s environment (TITUSVILLE, FL) – The Aerospace Research & Engineering Systems Institute, Inc. (Ares Institute), a non-profit organization on Florida’s famed Space Coast, is excited to announce the successful completion of the(…)

Updated Hardware Budget (Estimated)

I’ve had questions about what our budget and costs are and what the money raised from Kickstarter will be used for. Here’s the most recent budget estimate for hardware that we have to purchase. Pumpkin, Inc. 3-Unit Skeletonized Cubesat Kit – $8,750 A complete CubeSat flight model kit, consisting of a skeletonized 3-Uniet Assembly, a(…)